Around Peru


Local authority inspectors have found that at least 50% of restaurants in the city on the shores of Lake Titicaca do not meet hygiene standards in their food preparation areas. Some of the infractions, even in more expensive and tourist-centered eateries, were said to be “very worrying”.

Under strong pressure from locals, the governor of Collao-Ilave has been removed from office. His successor has yet to be named.
See also: Violence may be imminent near Lake Titicaca

Vaccination centers have been set up in Macusani to combat an outbreak of yellow fever.


One of the city’s health centers is in danger of collapsing due to heavy rains.


About 700 families remain isolated after the collapse of a 20 meter section of road on a 200m precipice. Heavy plant machinery is needed to rebuild the unpaved road.


Counter narcotics agents have seized 4 tons of nitric acid from a drug gang in the El Porvenir slum.

Farmers are calling for government help as they struggle to make an early rice harvest before the Santa River floods out their fields.

Recent figures show that 34% of children under 5 in Ancash suffer from malnutrition. This statistic remains unchanged for the past ten years. Former president Alejandro Toledo grew up in severe poverty in the region, but won a scholarship to Stanford and returned to Peru a strong force in economics and anti-Fujimori politics.

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