Park rangers stop illegal loggers, who storm ranger station to recover contraband


Park rangers in the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve teamed up with police officers to ambush a group of loggers who were illegally transporting four trunks of cedro (“Spanish” or “cigar box” cedar, a species in danger of extinction) that had previously been cut from the protected zone.

The loggers had established their camp at the Caño Santa Elena, at the mouth of the Samiria River, where officials found large quantities of forestry supplies.

The raid led to the seizure of two rafts with 1,151 “cuarton” of wood, a motor canoe with a spare engine, three motor saw or chainsaw blade assemblies, and other items used to cut down tree. The material and equipment was confiscated and take to the local ranger station.

This successful intervention was the result of a five day operation coordinated by natural resources institute INRENA, which administers Peru’s national reserves, and national police.

During the operation, one of the loggers struck a park ranger on the head with a piece of wood. All the same, the group had to admit their illegal acts to authorities.

Hours later, a crowd armed with sticks and machetes stormed the ranger station and took 737 of the lumber pieces that had been confiscated. Police and Public Ministry officials are seeking to pursue these violent criminals with the full force of the law, and “lock away those who not only plunder their country’s natural resources but also attack and humiliate the authorities.”

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