Pastor: “Government should have more control in international drug aid”


Congressman Aurelio Pastor of the President’s APRA party believes that the State should have more autonomy in its efforts to control drug traffic, particularly in decision making and in the use of foreign aid funds destined for alternative development.

“The problem of coca leaf production demands an integrated solution. The Government should perform this task autonomously and in coordination with international aid…. In the end, we are going to win if we manage to convince growers to stop producing coca, and that is directly related to cooperation, because there are concentrated the resources that come from abroad,” said the politician.

Valdivieso confirmed that other countries do not make impositions in the field of drug control, but that the problem lies in a lack of capacity on the part of the State to negotiate international aid.

“The thing is that we are not focusing on international aid resources, which come for use in programs designed outside of Peru. The State, in recent times, has had very little capacity to negotiate these resources, and greater coordination only exists in the field of interdiction,” he said to Radio San Borja.

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