Peruvian actress wins at the Malaga festival


A joy for the whole country. Peruvian director Francisco Lombardi’s “Mariposa Negra” (Black Butterfly) has gained another award, this time at the Malaga International Film Festival, in the Latin American Territory section.

The prize was for Best Actress and went to the film’s star Melania Urbina, who traveled to Spain as a guest of the festival. Best Film went to Mexican director Ignacio Ortiz’s “Mezcal”, in which Peruvian actor Ricardo Blume had a part.

Lombarda is arguably Peru’s greatest modern film director, having won 22 awards for his films over the past 30 years. Among the most famous works are Tinta Roja (“Red Ink”, 2000) and Pantaleon y las Visitadoras (“Captain Pantoja and the Special Services”, 2000).

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