Suspension of drug eradication “not a U-turn”


The temporary suspension of coca eradication programs in the Peruvian rainforests is not a government U-turn, said Congressional Defense Commission chairman Luis Gonzáles Posada. He maintained that the decision will allow the government to redesign and improve its counter-narcotics policies in an environment where alternative crops present a weak secondary option for growers. This does not mean a retreat or a step backwards, and this will be seen in the concrete facts which will come about regarding this issue. To those who think this to be weakness, we will reply that it is strength, as we manage a state policy with resolve, but also with reason,” he said. 

The congressman told press that this is the time for renovating the Government’s policy on drugs because programs to replace coca with other crops are weak, lacking the necessary budget after a drop in international aid.  Talking about the reduction in counter-narcotics aid from the USA and other countries, he said that such a move does not favor countries such as Peru where drugs are produced.


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