Two special train journeys for Holy Week


 Due to a growth in demand, the Central Andean Railway company, which operates the train between Lima and Huancayo, has programmed two departures for the coming Holy Week.

The decision was justified by the high level of interest in the new tourist-passenger service that the Central Railway is offering.

“In our two journeys in January and February, about 500 Peruvian and foreign tourists tried out the comfort of our new wagons, enjoying the trip itself as well as the extraordinary experience that a train journey is,” said the company’s head of tourism.

The first departure will leave from the Desamparados station, next to the Palace of Government, at 7:30am on Friday, March 30th. The return trip leaves Huancayo Central station at 6pm the following Sunday, April 1st. As most of that journey will take place in the night time, a number of events are programmed in the popular “bar coach”.

Almost a week later, the train will set back off for Huancayo at 7am on Thursday, April 5th. The day is that of Holy Thursday, so travelers will be able to witness the religious fervor of the festivals in villages along the Mantaro
Valley, through which the track runs. The return journey leaves Huancayo at 7am the following Sunday.

Foreign tourists are already making reservations at principal travel agencies. Visitors from many countries have already purchased their tickets, among them an important group from New Zealand, the US and the UK.

As is usual for Holy Week, the churches are centers of pilgrimage for Catholics, and in cities such as Tarma the streets are covered with their famous carpets of petals, which serve as a frame for the processions.

Tickets for the trains are on sale from Teleticket, including at their offices in Wong, Metro and Ripley stores around
Lima. For further information, call 226-6363, extensions 222 and 235.

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