Controversy over new age of consent law

Legalizing “consensual” sex between adults and minors of 14 to 18 will open the door to child rapists, warns the NGO Action for Children. The charity’s director, María Pía Hermoza, therefore maintains opposition to the measure, approved by the Congressional Justice Commission, which will consider such sexual relations to be legal. 

According to Congressman Raúl Castro, experience has shown that some teenagers are already cohabiting with a partner, and he hopes that this project will allow such stable relationships to continue without accusations and even convictions for rape breaking up families. On the other hand, Hermoza maintains that there are many adults who use trickery or false arguments to seduce teenagers whom they subsequently abuse, taking advantage of the young people’s vulnerability. 

“It is difficult to prove seduction [a crime under Peruvian law], trickery or the psychological pressure that an adult can exert over a minor, and these actions could be hidden under this proposed law… Even adolescents are not ready to make a decision of this kind,” she told the Andina agency.  She claimed that last year’s law raising the age of consent from 14 to 18 is unknown to a majority of the population, and called for increased education regarding sexual issues.  Congresswoman Rosario Sasieta is in favor of the new law, pointing out that civil law allows for marriages from the age of 14, although penal law considers sexual relations with under 18’s statutory rape, punishable with a minimum sentence of 20 years.

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  1. can anyone tell me what the law is now relating to child rape, age and punishment inforced by law

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