Woman killed in Lima-Huaraz bus hijacking

A passenger on a long distance bus was killed in the early hours of this morning after being shot by hijackers. The attack took place in Lima department, 4.5km after the bus left the Panamerican highway and occurred around 2:30am. Police sources state that four armed men, who had boarded the vehicle as passengers, forced the driver to stop. According to witnesses, the hijackers shot Juliana Cochachinque, a 38-year-old woman, when she attempted to resist. 

At that moment two police officers, who were passing on a routine highway patrol, noticed the events and intervened. One of the criminals was shot in the leg as he tried to escape the resulting gunfight. The other three remain at large. The vehicle, run by the company Huaral Bus, was en route from Lima to Huaraz.

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3 Responses

  1. folks, ya gotta do business only w/ bus cos. that videotape all passengers!

  2. Word.

  3. such as what bus company?

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