Natives threaten to take control of oil pipeline

Natives from the district of Imaza (Bagua, Amazonas) warned today that they will take control over the pumping station of the North Peruvian Oil Pipeline if their law suit is not heard.

Their leader, César Tantalean, confirmed that they are demanding improvements to the road infrastructure in the region.

“They are laughing at us, the authorities promised to improve the road… and nothing has been done. We feel forced to take control over the roads of north east Peru and the pumping station,” he stressed.

He added that there will be a meeting between peasant and native self defense groups this Saturday, as well as with military officers from the region in an attempt to convince them to join in the action and demand the transfer of the necessary heavy machinery.

He claimed that authorities have consistently failed to honor promises that they have made, and that this is the only way for his people to make their voices heard.

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