Special service on Huancayo-Lima railway


This year Mothers’ Day will be a break from the norm for those who decide to spend it travelling on the Lima-Huancayo-Lima train. On this special day, the Central Andean Railway company has prepared a unique program including gifts for all mothers travelling.

The company is also offering a discounted fare for all passengers travelling from Huancayo to Lima. A ticket in the more luxurious tourist coach normally costs 160 soles, but on Mothers’ Day all passengers will pay just 100 soles.

What is more, all people born or currently resident in Huancayo will pay a further discounted fare of 90 soles. To take advantage of this offer, passengers must present proof of residency when buying the ticket.

In Huancayo, tickets can be bought at the station or at agencies of Dargui Tours and Inkas del Peru, located at Ancash 367 and Giraldez 652, respectively. In Lima, tickets are on sale at the Desamparados station and at agencies of Teleticket.

The outward journey left Lima at 7:00am on Friday, and the return will leave Huancayo station at 6:00pm on Sunday.

During the return trip, which will be in the night time, there will be a party on board and a raffle where the mothers present stand to win tickets, souvenirs and other surprise gifts.

This will be the sixth Lima-Huancayo-Lima journey so far this year, and all have proved very popular with Peruvians and foreigners alike. The next departures are scheduled for Friday May 25th (Lima-Huancayo) and Sunday May 27th (Huancayo-Lima)

Further information is available at www.ferrocarrilcentral.com.pe

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  2. Damm, I`m going to miss this porqueria basura train again.

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