North Peruvian cuisine in central Miraflores

From the Andina agency

Even in the very heart of Miraflores, the taste of Northern Peruvian cooking can still be found – so there’s no need to travel a thousand kilometers to try the Catacaos specialty of malarrabia, or a freshly cooked seco de cabrito (slow-cooked kid).

For fans of these dishes, Los Piuranos is a goldmine, thanks to the four-year labor of chef Daniel Kianman Silva in bringing his passion for the flavors of the North to a restaurant in the modern center of Lima.

Kianman sets himself the task of preparing dishes with absolute attention to detail, starting with his rigorously selected ingredients. The menu is long, and the prices very reasonable – rumor has it that the chef plans to open a second restaurant soon, building on the success of his first.

As a Northerner first and foremost, he is obsessed with preserving the traditional recipes that one so often sees changed into a Lima-Piura fusion. He also ensure that the service is always first class.

“The comments that my clients make are sacred to me,” he explains. “I always want to know the sensations that their meal brought them, so that I can keep on improving the restaurant experience.”

Recommended dishes include the traditional seco de cabrito, served with a green tamale and, just as in Catacaos, in an earthenware pot and with a wooden spoon; and the ceviches, based on northern recipes and served with sarandaja, a northen bean.

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