Lima stock exchange stable but “vulnerable”

The Lima Stock Exchange (BVL) closed today with mixed indicators, as it did yesterday, with heavy trading on the floor.

The general index (IGBVL or IGRA), the most representative of the exchange as a whole, dropped today by 0.02%, closing at 22,964 points; while the selective index (ISBVL or ISEL), made up of the 15 most traded stocks, rose 0.11% to 39,959 points. A total of 3,362 transactions totaled 143.8 million soles traded, or US$45.5 million.

Among the stocks that lost most value were Minera Corona (-7.00%, following on from a 5.56% drop yesterday), Raura (-4.26%), El Brocal (-3.00%) and Volcan B (-2.98%), perhaps showing a readjustment to overinflated prices for mining stocks, with investors choosing to cash in now after making large profits.

Analysts predict that the market will prove volatile over coming days, as investors examine changing metals prices on the international market.

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