Peru-Ecuador border plan to be “relaunched”

Ecuador and Peru will seek to revitalize the Binational Plan on their border through a meeting attended by ministers specializing in a number of areas as well as both Presidents. The meeting will be held in the Peruvian city of Tumbes, just 30km from the Ecuadorian border, on June 1st and 2nd.

The key feature of the agenda will be “redynamizing” the Binational Plan, ratified by both countries as part of the peace settlement of October 1998, which ended a territorial war over the border.

Peru’s Ministry for Exterior Relations hopes that talks will not be hampered by recent Ecuadorian allegations of Peru’s failure to adhere to the agreement, by supposedly drilling for oil within the 5km “buffer zone” surrounding the border.

The Binational Plan consists of a series of infrastructure projects on the shared border, which have failed to advance as planned. For this reason, the two governments think it necessary to “relaunch” the plan, according to official information.

Failures in development make this a difficult and sometimes dangerous border to cross by land, particularly in the Tumbes region. See our article on the Ecuadorian Border Crossing for information on how to handle it safely.

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