New plan for Machu Picchu, and for Lima archeological site

The beginning of June will bring the start of a new plan to deal with the problem of the “demographic explosion” in the town of Aguas Calientes, jumping off point for tourists visiting the archeological site of Machu Picchu and other nearby towns, according to Congresswoman Alda Lazo.

In her capacity as chair of the Congressional Sub-commission on Culture and Heritage she has met with specialist from Unesco and local, regional and national figures during four sessions of talks held in Cuzco.

She told press today that these workshops decided that the main problem facing Machu Picchu is the explosive migration of people to nearby towns, mainly hoping to find work in the tourist industry.

“Both INRENA (the national parks body) and the INC (National Institute of Culture, in charge of national heritage) are very worried about damage to the archeological and natural features of Machu Picchu,” she told the Andina agency. “That’s fine, but the key problem is the social impact.”

She said that the commission will start work on the new plan at the beginning of June, taking into account opinions of representatives of local and regional government, community leaders and heads of companies operating there in the tourism industry.

She also expressed concern at plans to reduce the size of the protected area surround the Puruchuco archeological site in Lima, which is planned as part of a project to enlarge Av. Javier Prado. Plans are to reduce the protected zone from 120 hectares to just 40.

The Puruchuco site is located at km 4.5 of the Central Highway (Carretera Central), on the outskirts of the city of Lima. Dating back to late Inca times (1450-1532 A.D.), it was built as a residence and government center for the local ‘curaca’ or chief.

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