Amnesty International: Fujimori cannot be trusted


Peru’s Amnesty International Director Ismael Vega has said that it is hard to believe that fugitive ex-President Alberto Fujimori will abide by the decision of the Chilean courts if they rule in favor of his extradition to Peru, given his track record of dishonesty.

“You cannot believe Fujimori. He can say that he will respect the judgment and that he has no plans to try to escape, but his track record shows that he is not necessarily going to keep to his word,” he said in an interview on Ideeleradio.

For that reason, the Amnesty International official said that measures must be taken to prevent any possible escape by the former head of state, who spent 5 years after leaving office in voluntary exile in Japan – where, as a Japanese citizen, he was immune to extradition proceedings.

Vega stated on Radio San Borja that “the track record that Fujimori has in terms of keeping to his declarations, of justice and of respect for the law goes totally against his recent statements. He is a person characterized by a lack of respect for the rules”.

He added that Fujimori has an “irresistible compulsion to distort reality and try to change the facts,” as the ex-president claims that the corruption and crimes against humanity of which he stands accused were the result of a cooperation between his intelligence chief Vladimiro Montesinos and the military command, without his having any say in the matters.

3 Responses

  1. He added that Fujimori has an “irresistible compulsion to distort reality and try to change the facts” – sounds like W!!

  2. Dear Editor:

    The imprisonment of former Peruvian president Fujimori. Is I think a big mistake. Mr Fujimori should not be held accountable by the atrocities if any by his chief intelligence official Vladimir. Vladimir should be the only one to go to jail for smuggling and not Fujimori. For one, the former president have done a good job bringing economic improvements to the lives of Peruvians, secondly he eradicated the nuisance terrorists, the Tupac Maru terrorist group who also committed atrocities against the government and terror to the villages they control up to the taking over of the Japanese embassy. Thirdly, Fujimori under his direction and command personally directed the successful hostage rescue at the Japanese embassy highlighting the Peruvian anti terrorist teams that conducted the raid and will be included in the text books of hostage rescue operation tactics.

    I have high respect for Alberto Fujimori and Im sure same with his supporters in Peru who still believe in him. Actually the US ciritcized Fujimori of being a dictator during his term and have send a CIA operative who was arrested and is now in jail in Peru for trying to destabilized and undermine the Fujimori government. The US do not really have the full support for Fujimori even though he ruled with iron fists against the terrorists which now is the number one enemy and threat to the free world. Its true that Fujimori jailed many anti government activists who are link to the rebel movements which is a normal procedure for a president to do for national security. What about George Bush? is he no different with Fujimori in suppressing freedom?,

    Bush allowed the NSA to eavesdropes to millions of Americans, invaded Iraq with no connections to Al Qaeda and found no weapons of mass destruction, etc., and Bush and Cheney is scott free, because we believe he did it in the name of national security, well so as Fujimori. And that is the similarities with the two, with different endings. Fujimori should be released in Jail. And where is Peru now in its economy and stability?

    Tom Lasam
    Seattle, USA

  3. The imprisonment of Alberto Fujimori is a wrong decision. I hope the Peruvian people will go back to their senses and not listen to rhetoric of human rights etc,. what is human rights for if many people are poor and hungry. can you eat human rights?

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