Death of Peruvian band may have been murder


Victor Valladares, the press liaison for Peruvian music group Néctar, all of whose members were killed yesterday morning in a road accident in Buenos Aires, has claimed that the deaths could be the work of an organized crime syndicate that extorts protection money from singers and bands.

He added that Juan Murillo, the band’s manager and another of the crash’s victims, had admitted to him that a group of Peruvians, Colombians and Brazilians were demanding money in exchange for allowing bands to perform in Argentina.

Valladares stated that Murillo, who had been driving the vehicle, had not consumed alcohol – despite preliminary reports that this was the cause of the crash.

“Juan Murillo took musicians on tour in Argentina, and 20 days ago he was in Peru. He is from Trujillo [Northern Peru]. He talked with us and explained that there is a mafia of Peruvians, Colombians and Brazilians in Argentina, who demanded 25% of the gate money for any dance with Peruvian performers,” he stated.

Talking to América Televisión he called on the Peruvian Government to expedite the return of the musicians’ remains for forensic testing. “We are sure that this was not an accident, this was a murder,” he said.

He added that he would call for an exhaustive investigation into the deaths of the 13 Peruvians, including band members and friends of the popular techno-tropical group.

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