Lambayeque – a new horizon for Peru tourism


An ancient brooch from Lambayeque 

A total of 128,786 tourists, Peruvian and foreign, visited Lambayeque in the first four months of this year, a 4% increase on 2006 figures.

According to regional tourism director Dante Saavedra Zapata, only 5,977 of the visitors were foreign – a proof that despite Lambayeque’s strong position in national tourism, it has yet to be discovered by foreigners.

Saavedra said that the region’s circuit of museums is one of the most popular attractions, and that the local government is working to further enhance the ecological side of Lambayeque, represented by the Pómac woods historical sanctuary and the Chaparrí private reserve.

Other popular sights include the region’s Mochica ruins and the beach resorts of Pimentel, Santa Rosa, Monsefú, Eten and Puerto Eten.

“In these places, tourists can sample the varied and delicious dishes that are special to Lambayeque, as well as experiencing the region’s living cultures and the ecology of our unique wetland habitats,” said Saavedra.

He added that Lambayeque will take part in the Peruvian Tourism Fair at the Jockey Centre in Lima between May 25th and May 27th, where they will be exhibiting examples of the region’s archaeology, nature, handicrafts, food and living cultures.

“A delegation of at least 30 people will travel to Lima to take part in this event, and to promote tourism in Lambayeque. Lima is our key market, as it is the source of most Peruvian tourists,” he said.

Finally, he mentioned the efforts that Lambayeque is going to to present a clean and safe city. Police are actively engaged in ensuring that tourists pass a pleasant stay, and many businesses in Chiclayo are taking part in a voluntary program to improve the look of the city.

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