Lima ranked 15th best city for Latin American business

Lima has moved up from 27th to 15th position in America Economia magazine’s annual listing of the region’s best cities to do business in. This makes it one of the year’s biggest gainers.

As was the case last year, Miami and Santiago de Chile occupy the two top spots given their safety, quality of life, excellent communications infrastructure and good macroeconomic prospects. However, Miami is threatened by high living costs and by immigration difficulties for Latin Americans, while Santiago is seen to have problems with civil unrest, pollution, and the chaotic recent introduction of a new public transport system.

Monterrey (Mexico) and Sao Paolo (Brazil) take the next two places, but both suffer from severe problems from a safety perspective, particularly in Monterrey, where violence associated with drug trafficking is an ever growing problem on the city’s streets. Sao Paolo’s government and police are said to be incapable of dealing with problems of murder, kidnapping and gang-related violence.

Buenos Aires, showing the year’s biggest rise in ratings, is now situated in fifth place, while Queretaro (Mexico) and Curitiba (Brazil), in sixth and seventh positions, show the first medium sized cities in the top placings.

The ranking is made using a variety of sources including the World Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the countries’ central banks, municipal information sources, crime statistics, and a survey of over 1,700 business people active in the region.

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  1. I think that Lima is actually 14th, since Miami is not Latin America!

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