New plans to promote ancient fortress of Kuelap for tourism

Tourism minister Mercedes Araoz today stated that work will start on June 8th to increase the value of the archaeological site of Kuelap Fortress, in Chachapoyas. She called the site “one of the most important sites of the North Amazon macro-region,” and said that it is set to stand alongside Machu Picchu as a key attraction of Peru as a destination.

However, she claimed that a combined effort is necessary to develop Kuelap as a first-rank tourist attraction. She stated that her ministry is “working with the Ministry of Transport and Communications to develop the road infrastructure connecting the Amazonas region with the rest of Peru, both through Lambayeque and Cajamarca”.

She said that improvements to Chachapoyas airport are considered fundamental, and that they are included in the first package of investments. She hopes that this will have an immediate effect in terms of bringing more tourists to the zone as soon as commercial airlines accept it as a destination.

She added that the living culture of the Chachapoyas region, for example the food and wildlife, represent additional attractions, and that these will be shown to the full in the local tourism week, from June 3rd-9th. The central feature will be the Ramillacta folk dances.

Araoz said that the whole country should back initiatives to promote tourism, an industry that is excellent for job creation.

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