Pisco to strike against alleged Paracas pollution


Pisco’s Mayor, Juan Mendoza, yesterday revealed that the city will hold a civic strike on June 6th, to protest against Pluspetrol’s alleged pollution of the Paracas Bay.

He described the move as a call for the national government’s attention regarding the situation of his community, and that a decision will then be made as to whether a further 72 hours strike will go ahead.

He added that the 11 members of the provincial council had voted unanimously in favor of the strike action.

The protest will start in the main square of the city of Pisco, a city popular with tourists heading for the nearby Paracas Nature Reserve and Ballestas Islands. The action is set to begin at 3pm on June 6th.

Residents are unhappy at Pluspetrol’s new natural gas liquid fractionation plant, designed to process the output of the controversial Camisea gas project in the Urubamba jungle region.

Locals are concerned that the plant may damage the unique ecosystem and biodiversity of the reserve, a popular stopping point where tourists heading south from Lima take tours to see wildlife such as the sea lion colonies and the endangered Inca tern (pictured).

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