Grounded LAN passengers “were never in danger”


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Passengers of LAN flight 627 were never in danger, according to company sources. The flight running from Mexico City to Lima, was forced to land in Chiclayo, 1000km (600 miles) north of Peru’s capital after receiving news that the country’s main international airport was closed due to dense fog.

On ground inspection, the aircraft was found to have been damaged by a bird strike to one engine and LAN officials made the decision to ground it pending a thorough maintenance inspection.

Company sources explained that a vulture was sucked into one of the aircraft’s engines as it was making its final approach to Chiclayo airport, and that this was not a forced landing.

Passengers were transferred to two of LAN’s Chiclayo-Lima internal flights, and have now reached their destination safely.

At this time of year, with heavy ground fog frequent on the coast, the closure of Lima’s international airport is a fairly frequent event. Until an extremely expensive “autoland” system can be installed, incoming long-haul flights will continue to be diverted to secondary airports such as Chiclayo and Pisco at times of poor weather.

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