Pachacamac to present one-off Andean experimental concert tomorrow

The Pachacamac group will be performing a special concert of Andean music based on pre-Hispanic cultures, myths and legends at the CAFAE-SE cultural center this Thursday.

The group works in musical composition and experimentation using traditional Andean instruments such as the pan pipes and the charango, a small guitar-like instrument that emerged during colonial types so that musicians could bypass a law against native culture, hiding the instrument under their ponchos. Pachacamac develop themes based on Peruvian history and folk tales.

In this concert, front man  Hernán Caro and his band will perform a set that they hope will provide a cultural bridge between Peru’s Andean roots and the modern world.

In the past, the group has also performed rituals of offerings to the Earth mother Pachamama, as well as modern dance music with choreography by dance troupes from the USA and Ecuador as well as Peru. They have also provided music for the Peruvian theater as well as for a a number of TV documentaries about the country.

In March and April 2005 they went on tour to the Middle East taking in Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon, sponsored by the Spanish Cervantes Institute. They performed in major centers such as the Cairo Opera House, the Zara Expo Theater in Jordan, the Alexandria Opera House, the Jordan Hyatt, the American University of Beirut and Notre Dame University of Lebanon.

Thursdays concert will take place at the “José María Arguedas” auditorium of the CAFAE-SE Cultural Center (Av, Arequipa 2985, San Isidro) at 7:30pm, as part of the institute’s Thurday concerts cycle. Tickets 10-20 soles on the door, student discounts.

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