“Robocops” to hit the streets of Peru


At yesterday’s police operation to retake the Santa Anita market in Lima, a number of officers were seen wearing suits of black plastic armor, much to the surprise of commentators and protesters.

Dubbed “robocops” by the press, these are members of the 34th Command or Special Services Unit, and after the new uniform’s successful trial it will be deployed to some 2,000 more officers around the country.

According to police sources, the plastic armor provides protections against sticks, stones and other blunt instruments, to the extent that officers sometimes are unaware of impacts.

As Lima police General Octavio Salazar puts it, “you can kick a policeman or throw a stone at him, with this new equipment he simply will not feel it.”

Salazar remarked that this will allow police to respond peacefully to situations that in the past would have called for the use of force to protect officers.

One Response

  1. if i was a police officer, and i asked some one to move on, and they threw a rock,bottle, what ever at me, they would be dead. ! no mater what .

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