President Garcia: economy as solid as a rock


President Alan Garcia stated today that he expect the Peruvian economy to grow by 7-8% this year, due to an increase in local consumption and foreign investment, rather than due to the increases in world metal prices that have bolstered the economy in the first quarter but which are due largely to external factors.

Calling the economy “real, material and productive”, he said that Peru’s projected economic growth for 2007 is the highest in Latin America.

He added that the government’s reduction in customs tariffs at the beginning of the year has brought a heavy influx of machinery and capital goods, with first quarter import figures up 40% on 2006.

He referred to this growth as a sign of active investment and increased production capacity, which he expects to be reflected in generation of employment.

The economic growth has occurred despite low inflation rates of around 1%, so the President described the economy as “not heating up”.

He also cautioned against taking the last weeks’ drops in the Lima Stock Exchange (BVL) as indicative of a long-term downturn – a prediction that seems to have come true already with today’s very solid gains on the trading floor.

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