Juan Diego Flores receives Peru’s highest honor


Today Peru’s President Alan Garcia awarded the order of the Sun of Peru at the level of the Grand Cross, the nation’s highest honor, to Peruvian tenor Juan Diego Flores.

The ceremony took place in the Gilded Room of the Palace of Government, where the president recognized Flores for his outstanding contributions to Peru’s worldwide image. The tenor is thought of as among the world’s greatest classical singers, vaunted by many as the successor to Luciano Pavarotti.

The order of the Grand Cross of the Sun of Peru is the nation’s highest honor.

3 Responses

  1. Hello

    thanks for really good website!



  2. hi,
    I am proud to be Peruvian. This kind of news make feel so proud and happy. Juan Diego Flores is the best I hear him in a cuoples concerts. He is amaizing!!!!

  3. Juan Diego, te he visto en TVE, no tenía el placer de saber q.Perú tenía un tenor tan extraordinario, ojalá te cuides y seas el nuevo Placido Domingo. Perú y el mundo así lo quiere. Espero que algún día vengas a Estocolmo y ahí estaré para disfrutar de tu arte y como es lógico seré uno de tus milies de fans, que con seguiridad tienes. Soy chileno, me encanta el
    bell canto- y fascinado de tu talento. Esa Fina estam-
    pa fue bellícima, siendo dificil, estuvo linda.-12/Xl/08.

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