Alan Garcia


Alan Garcia is the current president of Peru; he was also president from 1985-1990, during which time terrorism increased under the Shining Path movement and the economy crashed, with inflation summing about 2,500,000% over the five years. Garcia was forced to change the currency twice when the numbers on the banknotes ended up with ridiculous numbers of zeroes – the first of these currencies, the Inti, is thought of as a symbol of his disastrous economic policies.

Garcia won the 2006 elections in a runoff with ultra-nationalist candidate Ollanta Humala, an ex comandante in the army whose tough and populist policies won him strong support in the poverty-stricken and racially Quechua regions of the southern mountains.

Many of the country’s educated elite preferred right wing moderate Lourdes Flores, who was narrowly eliminated in the first round of voting but who might well have beaten Humala or Garcia had she made it through to the runoff. Forced to choose between Alan, who they blamed for wrecking the country in the 80s, and Chavez-back Humala who seemed dictatorial and unpredictable, the phrase of the time was “it’s like choosing between AIDS and cancer”. At the final vote Alan won by a narrow majority, with some mountain regions supporting Humala with a majority of 80% or more.

Since his election, Garcia has implemented a popular and effective “austerity policy”, cutting down on government extravagance in order to free up more funds for activities such as investing in the military and police force, fighting illiteracy and improving the transport infrastructure.

He has fostered improved relations with Chile, despite and ongoing maritime boundary dispute and a history of animosity, and with
Brazil. To this end, he is an enthusiastic supporter of the
Interoceanic Highway, connecting Peru and Brazil through the southern rainforests and passing through Bolivia.

With his chequered history as the president who oversaw the country’s greatest economic collapse, Garcia has been keen not to repeat the errors of his past. He has largely stuck to the stable and successful economic model of his predecessor Alejandro Toledo, albeit with a more left-wing slant.

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