Proper crime

Yes, it happens, and no, you can’t to anything to guarantee it won’t happen to you. A friend of mine had his camera stolen even though he’d locked himself in a huge steel box and then had it welded shut and sunk to the bottom of the ocean. 

In general, the most you can lose is everything you have. Not a massively optimistic viewpoint, but useful. If you don’t need it on your trip, don’t bring it: expensive watches and jewelry, for instance. If you don’t need it today, don’t carry it about with you: passports, wads of cash, bank cards, huge digitals cameras.  

If you do have to carry it, carry it. Keep it with you, and don’t leave it unattended even if you think you’re doing something clever like wrapping a bag strap around your chair. Keep things like money and cameras hidden away when you’re not using them.

Minor Thievery – bag snatching, pocket picking and the like
Serious Crime – muggings and worse

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