The Threatdown aims to provide up-to-the-minute information on dangers that might affect people living or traveling in Peru While we make every effort to keep this section complete and accurate, the Threatdown is provided for information purposes only, and we can accept no responsibility for anything whatsoever. The information we use is culled from the national press, police departments, local governments, embassies, and personal reports from travelers and ordinary people.

We take careful account of anecdotal information, but will generally gauge the overall safety of a region based mainly on the statistics. Just because you wandered along Av. Unanue at 3am and had no problems, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s safe. 

General Advice

The Con
Proper Crime
       Minor Thievery
       Serious Crime
Natural disasters


The North Coast & Ecuadorian Border
The Northern Mountains
The Northern Rainforest and Cloud Forest
The Central Mountains
The Central Rainforest and Cloud Forest
The South Coast
The Southern Mountains
The Southern Rainforest and Cloud Forest
The Lake Titicaca area

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